IRRI welcomes Jean Balie as the new Platform Leader for Agri-food Policy

1 June 2018 -- IRRI is pleased to welcome Dr. Jean Balie as the new Platform Leader for Agri-food Policy. In his new role, Jean is responsible for managing a group of research for development Cluster Leaders that focus on expanding IRRI’s work in foresighting, policy and market analysis, and impact evaluation and learning to contribute to the achievement of IRRI’s 2017-2022 strategy. He will collaborate across Platforms, regions and other units to assure cross-Platform contributions to the Institute’s research themes. He will also promote strong relationships among scientists and existing external partners while forming new alliances with future partners and investors.

Dr. Balie brings 20 years of experience in agriculture, food, and rural policies for development. He is an expert in policy analysis and evaluation, with backgrounds in public expenditure analysis, capacity development, negotiations, mediation and conflict resolution, and program and team management. He is a former Senior Economist at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). In this organization, he managed the Monitoring and Analysis of Food and Agriculture Policies (MAFAP), a program that aims to establish sustainable, country owned systems that monitor, analyze and reform food and agricultural policies to transform agri-food systems by improving policy frameworks in emerging economies. He led a team of about 30 staff in conducting research and technical work, which includes developing and institutionalizing systems that effectively measure and monitor the effects of food and agricultural policies in 17 participating countries in the Sub-Saharan Africa and Asian regions. He also facilitated capacity building events and developed materials on policy analysis monitoring and evaluation.

Dr. Balie joins IRRI with the desire to contribute to work that improves the conditions of the agricultural sector at a country level through better linkages between research, analysis and policy decisions. “Agriculture is one of the most important sectors in the developing world, and I am happy to join an organization that, through science, effectively transforms agri-food systems and improves the lives of those who depend on it,” said Dr. Balie.

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