Google features Santa Clara County 4-H member in new computer science video


A teen leader involved in the UC Cooperative Extension 4-H program in Santa Clara County was featured in a Google blog and video in honor of National Youth Science Day.

In an interview with the author, Curtis Ullerich, a Google employee and 4-H alum, Reyes said she joined 4-H at five years old, and worked on 4-H baking, flower arranging, poultry, sewing and guinea pig projects. She said she learned important life skills, like public speaking and organization. Last year, she took on a computer science project and now leads a computer science project for Santa Clara County youth.

"CS is a part of so many things," Reyes said. "... CS is part of fashion, agriculture, art, music and more."

Reyes became the first non-Googler to be featured in one of its CS First videos. "You\&\#39\;re basically a celebrity now," Ullerich said.

Fiona Reyes, a 4-H member in Santa Clara County. (Photo: Curtis Ullerich)

In the video, Reyes and Olga, a CS First program manager at Google, introduce a free online activity called Animate a Name. Using an online tool, kids can choose any name - their own name, a school name, a club name, etc. - and make the letters change colors, spin or dance to a favorite tune.

"That was my first experience being professionally filmed and using a teleprompter, but it was very fun," Reyes said. "The final project turned out amazing. It\&\#39\;s weird to think that kids all over the nation will be watching it as they do the Animate a Name activity."

Attached Files Fiona Reyes, a 4-H member in Santa Clara County. (Photo: Curtis Ullerich)

Posted on Thursday, October 4, 2018 at 4:25 PM

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