About The WorldSeeds

Ppoverty and hunger are still common in the world. Wolrd population is expecting to reach 9 billion by 2050. In order to meet the needs of 9 billion people, food production should be doubled. The goal is very hard to be achieved in the next 35 years.

Worldwide scientists are conducting researches from a variety of perspectives on the genetic and physiological mechanisms of plant growth and development in order to better use of limited land resources and varying climate resources to produce more safe agricultural products and to provide effective solutions to fight for worldwide hunger.

The progress of human society is based on the creation, accumulation, utilization and dissemination of scientific knowledge and advanced technologies. In the 21st century, information flow has become an essential condition for scientific discovery and technological innovation. To make an innovation and contribution in their research field, scientists should be well aware of scientific knowledge, technological breakthrough and more. Without accumulation of scientific and technological knowledge, even Newton and Einstein could not have major theoretical breakthrough. The old saying is absolutely right: any scientific and technological contribution is achived by standing on the shoulders of giants.

The Internet has effectively accelerated circulation of knowledge and technologies. With the accelerating advances of seed technologies around the world, the WorldSeeds dedicates to speed up circulation of seed technologies crossing the entire world. With our efforts, we hope scientists, breeders and industry professionals can focus on what are really important to their daily work.